The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has issued a warning about the growing threat of cyberattacks against shipping industry and indicates that the maritime sector could become the focus of attacks from cyber-pirates.

In a statement on its website IMB indicates that recent events have shown that the management systems of freight traffic should be strengthened against the threat of cyberattacks. It is vital that lessons learned from other industries are quickly applied to eliminate cyber security vulnerabilities in shipping and supply chain.

IMB indicates that the threat of cyberattacks in the maritime sector has grown indicating cybersecurity experts the risks posed by cybercriminals for carriers, ports, terminals and other transport operators, while the increasing sophistication of the computer systems used in maritime transport have introduced new vulnerabilities.


Cyberattacks in port operations

Most ports and terminals are managed by the industrial control systems that until recently have been outside the scope of the CIO. Historically, the security of these systems has not been managed by the company CISO and maritime control systems are very similar.

As a result, improvements that many companies have made in corporate information security to address the change in the threat landscape over the last three to five years have not been replicated in these environments.