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BIMCO Cybersecurity onboard ships

Recently, the Baltic and International Maritime Council BIMCO published “The guidelines on Cyber Security onboard ships”. (Ref.1) In this article, I present a summary of some of the main concepts in the BIMCO guide along with my comments and interpretation. Since the article presents my interpretation of the guide based on my experience in cybersecurity, […]

Cybersecurity and the Marine Transportation System

Cyber related vulnerabilities are a growing portion of the total risk exposure facing the Marine Transportation System (MTS). The Cybersecurity Framework CSF is intended to enable organizations regardless of sector, size, degree of cybersecurity risk, or cybersecurity sophistication to apply the principles and best practices of risk management for improving the security and resilience of critical infrastructure.

Vessel Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Vessel Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

In this article, I introduce vessel cybersecurity risk analysis and show an example of its  application to the Information and Communications Technology ICT assets in the Integrated Bridge System of a vessel. First, I present some information security concepts and a methodology to develop vessel cybersecurity risk analysis. Then, I show the application of the […]